Cheapest gas and electricity suppliers | switch gas and electricity

It’s simple to compare gas and electric prices with RTutilities. When you get both types of energy through the same supplier, it is called a dual fuel energy tariff – and you can easily see this option when you go for a gas and electricity comparison tool online.

Some gas and electricity suppliers will offer a big discount if you go for switch to a duel fuel tariff – if this applies, it will be shown in your tariff details.

Best gas and electric deal could not be the cheapest option.

If you want to compare gas prices, you can easily choose this option at the start of the energy gas comparison process. If you choose just gas, you’ll only cheap compare gas prices.

If you are searching to compare electricity providers online, you can do so by selecting this type of energy when you start electricity comparison. This will show you many energy suppliers which provide duel-fuel energy also.

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