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RT Utilities is a newly emerging utility consultancy operating for the UK based businesses. We aim at reducing the businesses’ energy, gas and water costs making your business contrastingly cost efficient. This is the best utility comparison site if you want to compare utility supplier online.

Our customers span from startups to established business from domestic and international firms. So, if you’re seeking for a preeminent cost efficient means to switch your business utilities, you’re at the right place. At RT Utilities, we believe in utmost impartiality and transparency with our clients owing them the ideal business utility contracts prioritizing their business needs. We assure you the foremost guidance and purest anticipation for the prime business contracts.

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We’ll help you switch over to an even efficient business finding you the right deal with no hassles.

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It only takes a few minutes to compare utility prices, and you could save up to £242*.

  • Go to our online comparison tool and put in your details, including your area’s postcode and current supplier
  • Compare utility supplier and prices
  • Select the deal you want
  • Put in a few confirmation details like Name, email, etc.
  • Click to confirm button, You will see cheapest utility supplier

Whether you have small or big business, it requiresthe availability of the outside resources for a smooth and better life. Business requireseffective marketing efforts and infrastructure management for smooth growth without wasting much time and effort. For smooth working of operations in any business require proper utility management and it can be done by an expert. Companies that do not have utility manage then they can gain benefits by outsourcing theenergy consultant services.

At the present time, it is crucial for any business organization to understand the importance of utility consultant. So, while hiring the energy consultant, you can take your time and make sure to choose the right professional that assures to provide best services.

Hassle free switch

Most of the online compare utility sites ensure to provide you a simple and hassle free process to switch your energy supplier. They can provide you best possible help find the right supplier within your area and make it convenient for you to switch the supplier without having any issue and problem.

Right utility contract

The professionals on these online compare utility sites can bring the best business utility contracts for gas, water, and electricity so that you can effectively use these resources within fewerprices. It can help you to save your lots of money and time as well because you have to just find a reliable online compare utility website and then you can access it anytime and anywhere you want.

Available everytime

Most of the compare utility sites offer round the clock services to their customers to provide them the best possible help to resolve all their queries and doubt regarding their services. So, whenever you want to check out the various utility deals and prices in your area then you can access the site and make proper search about the available utility prices of various suppliers. The experts of such sites can also help you to make the right decision by making comparisons among various deals and pick up the one best for you.

The experts of these sites will understand their customer’s business utilities needs and usage and make sure to provide best possible help by making an effective overview of all available deals. With years of experience and knowledge of different tools, the experts can offer you cost effective deals and advice on your business utility contracts. All the services available on the utility comparison sites can helps you to grow your business with higher profit and helps you to reduce your utility bill.

If you choose to take the help of online tools to compare utility prices and deals then you can save your lots of time and money as well because on average, it will takes your one minute and offer you best advice on affordable prices. All you have to do is just access a reliable online comparison tool and then you can put your details like passcode so that you can get know about the available suppliers in your area. After that you can easily compare various utility suppliers and their prices of your area and able to find the one best deal that is suitable for your business needs and budget. Now, you can also switch your current supplier with the help of such online comparison tools without wasting your much time and effort and ability to save a lot on your utility bills.

If you want cheap gas and electricity supplier and water facilities then accessing the right utility comparison site is one ideal choice for you. Among hundreds of online utility comparison tools available these days, it is important for you to choose the one reliable that can provide you the best possible help and complete transparency while making comparison among utility prices. The online energy comparison sites give you high level of comfort and convenience in finding the right utility supplier for your business that offers you best utility services at your affordable prices. Even if you do not have knowledge how to switch utility supplier for your business then these compare utility sites can offer you a hassle free and convenient process to change your utility supplier.

When you take the help of a professional utility consultant, you might have a lot of things on your mind. It is essential that you take the help of an experienced company that has qualified experts. The professionals will be friendly with you and take all the consideration that you have to make a plan based on your suggestions. Search for the supplier start after proper planning, so that there are no issues with the contract.

After you get the help of the professionals, you do not have to worry about any type of work. All the things will be handled by the experts, while you have to select the supplier to save some money on your budget. These things will help you to make progress so that you can enjoy convenient results.

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Working with UK’s leading Utility Suppliers

We work the UK’s foremost utility suppliers fetching out the best business utility solutions that fits your requirements.


electricity supplier

We were finding a solution for our utilities need thankfully consulted Sam at RT Utilities.the process was simple and hassel free. Thank you Sam

John Doe

Director, Finance Solution

business energy comparison

We had Opus as Electricity provider, didn't knew we were playing much more than market rates ,we were explained evrerything about the market rates and all the option were made clear .i would like to specially thank Robert for his approach and guidance

Ron Miller

Director, Weblofast

compare energy tariffs

we were approached via call, firstly it sounded useless but as explained in detail i got know i was paying unnecessary high prices on my gas and elctric bills ,switching providers help me save money.Thank you Ron for Contacting me in first place >

Austin Charles

Owner, Goodwill Mills

compare electricity tariffs

Our Consumptions were not as high but we were having a electric meter which was not required . they provided us with step by step approach on how we could change it and save anything we can over those diffrent meters

Edward Dearlove

Director, Fazer Studios

compare gas and electricity tariffs

I never understood what my electricity bill really shows and thank god i accepted the consultancy when they reached me. I saved a lot switching my service providers , special thanks to sam

Cartina Briggs

Owner, Winston Farms

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